Sunday, June 16, 2013

Week 8, grade 4

I'm keeping this one short & sweet. This week, we did most of our planned work. It has been a horribly hot & humid week, and none of us really felt like doing anything. Plus, Wednesday we spent part of the day doing storm prep & part in the basement during the tornado warning. So, we just didn't get all of it done.

This week my husband started a different shift at work. It is a temporary switch, while he trains for a different position. This threw off our schedule a little, but we managed.

I started the week planning 2 visits to my grandpa. The first would be a weekend, the second a week & a half. However, my grandpa is now in the hospital, and we are unsure how long he will remain there. We may have to cancel the weekend visit, but he will hopefully be home in time for the longer visit. We are hoping to take him to a museum toward the end of the longer visit. If we can get him a wheelchair (he has had some major leg issues this last 2 years & is using a walker. Plus, he's in the hospital for an infection in his leg), we figure we can spend the day at the museum & all have a good time. He & my grandma used to take me to museums & zoos when I was a kid, and I'd really like to repay that by getting to take him this time. We don't get out to see him much because our schedule makes it hard to go out of town for a day or longer, without completely rearranging everything. However, with my husband's temporary new schedule & a week amazingly free of dr appointments, we only had to rearrange a few things to manage these two visits.

Friday night, we watched a movie in the park with my sis & her family. Saturday, we had a cookout at my sister's. Today, my husband & kids are spending the day visiting my husband's parents. I stayed home, am doing some housework, some work for my Aromatherapy class, reading, and planning the upcoming week's schoolwork for the kids.