Saturday, June 22, 2013

Week 9 Grade 4

Monday is a lazy day. I am exhausted, as I've been sleeping like crap due to the heat. The kids have been up very late 3 nights in a row & are exhausted. So, we sleep late today. I tell them I want a minimal amount of school done today - Math, Latin, reading, and watching a dvd for Science for Jay; Geometry, Accounting, and reading for Dea.  We spend the day not doing much.

Tuesday is another lazy day. Though we do get most of our work done. Dea & I are discussing changing up her schedule, again. Basically, she is pretty far behind right now, & we need to figure out a way for her to finish the work on time. On top of that, she's got tons of plans coming up - an SCA event with her grandma, visits to her great-grandpa, visits with another grandma, visits with aunts & uncles, and, of course, spending time with cousins & friends. She will not be able to finish her work at this rate. I think part of it is that she simply can't handle the full course load. I staggered the courses for this year, but apparently not enough. She still has way too much work & not enough time. Maybe it's because she has 12 courses this year. Maybe it's because she has serious time management issues that she still has not worked out. Maybe I added too many supplemental materials to some of her courses. Honestly, I think it's all three.

We really aren't getting a full day of school done on any day this week. It is simply too hot & humid for any of us to have any ambition. Plus, there has been some other stuff going on this week. My grandpa was in the hospital, was moved from the hospital to a nursing home (temporarily, for physical therapy/rehab), then back to another hospital because he got worse again. Jay is spending the weekend with his grandma, so there's packing & planning to do, and he leaves Thursday afternoon. I miss my little guy when he isn't here. It's so quiet. I know he's having fun, and I know his grandma can take care of him. I miss him, though. I can hardly wait for the weekend to be over, so my baby will be home.