Sunday, July 28, 2013

Project: Kitchen Cabinets

My most recent project has been to reorganize my kitchen. The geniuses that installed the cabinets decided to use plastic shelf supports, instead of metal. This of course means that they only last so long before they break, because plastic does that. It started with a shelf falling in the cabinet with the glasses. As is to be expected, several glasses broke. Next, the shelf with the slow cookers went, while I was putting one of the slow cookers away. The shelf, which is pretty heavy even without the weight of two big slow cookers, fell on me. I finally found the metal shelf supports I wanted, in a package size that made sense, and for an affordable price. In true style for this house, they didn't fit. The holes were not deep enough for the supports, which made them stick out so the shelves wouldn't fit.

Now, I know how to use tools. I have my own toolbox (though there is almost nothing in it anymore, since everyone regularly raids it because it is the easiest one to get to), my own drill, my own tools (which are scattered around the house where everyone else left them), have been using using tools for many years, & was fixing things for myself before my husband came into the picture. However, this house is cursed. Every single time I try to do the simplest thing, I end up needing tools that should never be needed for that job, tools end up broken, or other odd things happen. I mean things like needing a hammer to change a doorknob, needing a chisel to put in a new lock, breaking a drill bit in the wall, and finding a sheet of metal inside a wall while trying to hang a picture. This house sucks, and every time I pull out a tool, it vows revenge. So, I have decided to let my husband drill the holes out for the pegs.

So far, I have managed to get him to do 3 of the cabinets. There are 4 more I want done within the next week or so. Replacing shelf supports really shouldn't be this big of a job, but then again changing the doorknobs in the bathroom shouldn't have required a hammer, 2 different screwdrivers, and 3 hours. I guess this is just what happens when you live in a house with a portal to Hell in the basement (which is really strange since I don't believe in Hell).

The whole sprained wrist thing isn't exactly helping, either. My husband has been doing the dishes for me, but isn't totally keeping up. I really hate to ask him to to do the cabinets while he is already trying to help more with the regular housework. Plus, with him not staying caught up in the kitchen, there isn't enough clear, clean counter space to put the stuff from the cabinets. So, it looks like the cabinets might not be done for a few weeks.