Sunday, August 4, 2013

Geology Grade 3

Just found this one buried in my drafts. It should have been posted months ago.

Jay also decided to cut this one short. Many of the resources used are listed here, but not all. Some of the books were returned before I got them written down.

Discover National monuments National Parks
Planet Earth
Crystal & Gem
The World Beneath Us
Gemstones of the World
Earthshake: Poems from the Ground Up
Minerals: Gifts From the Earth
1000 Facts on Rocks & Minerals
The Encyclopedia of Earthquakes & Volcanoes
How to Use Wind Power to Light & Heat Your Home
Coal, Oil, and Natural Gas
Geothermal Power
Oil Spills
Natural Gas
Renewable Energy: Sources and Methods
Offshore Drilling
Solar Power
Global Resources

Rocks for Kids
Geology for Kids
Kids Geo
Layers of the Earth
The Earth's Layers
The Tech Museum
Science for Kids
Soil & Erosion
Soil Biological Communities
The Great Plant Escape
Kinetic City
Virtual Lab
PBS - A Science Odyssey
Puzzles of the Earth
This Dynamic Earth
Plate Tectonics
Rocks & Minerals 
Rocks & Mineral Uses
Minerology 4 Kids
Minerals & Fireworks
BBC Schools Science Clips
BBC KS2 Bitesize Science
FEMA Earhtquakes
Earthquakes for kids
Weather Wiz Kids
PBS Savage Earth
Shake, Rattle, and Slide
Volcano World
Michigan Tech
NOVA Vesuvius
The Virtual Lava Tube
Nat Geo Volcano
Geologic Time Scale
Life Has a History
AMNH Ology
Getting into the Fossil Record
Geologic Time
Fossils for Kids
The Dynamic Earth
The Virtual Cave
National Cave Association
Hidden River Cave
Underground Adventures
Fossil Energy
Renewable Energy
Renewable Energy
Energy Matters
Energy Story

Ring of Fire: IMAX
Volcano: Nature's Inferno
Deadliest Earthquakes
Extreme Cave Diving
Eyewitness Volcano
Bill Nye Earth Science


Mine for Gems:

 This bottom pic shows the gems he dug up. The group of small pieces at the top are what is left of the geode. We had trouble cracking it, and when it finally cracked, it shattered. Those are the only pieces we could find.

Make a model of the layers of the earth

All About Volcanoes kit

Grow Your Own Crystals

Sorry there are no pics for these, camera problems.