Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Oh, the Stupidity!

I have long believed that my city is mostly inhabited by morons. Actually, I once came up with the theory that, many years ago, all the neighboring villages sent their village idiots here to live, and that is how this town was started. My family moved here shortly before I was born, when it was a big manufacturing town, so we are exempt from the stupidity that seems inherent in so many who live here.

Anyway, they have, yet again, proved to have an exceptionally high level of stupidity. Our police department will be doing undercover stings, in a specific neighborhood in town, to cut down on the nasty crack whores who work the area. I know all of this because a local news station just announced it on social media sites.

Who does that?! Isn't the point of undercover for it to be a, what's the word I'm looking for.....oh yeah, surprise?  The only things the story left out were exact dates of the planned stings & photos of the cops involved.

Informing the news stations & having them post the story to the net is the equivalent of posting bulletins warning about the upcoming raid in an old-timey village.