Saturday, August 3, 2013

Week 1 High School Term 1

We have changed things up for Dea's high school. Instead of bothering with 'years' or 'grade levels,' I have taken everything that still needed to be done for her high school & split it into 4 terms. Each term is approx 6 months long. Each term has 5-6 subjects. She had fallen really behind in her work, and I believe it was largely due to feeling overwhelmed by the amount of work she was trying to do. When she gets overwhelmed, she tends to just shut down. That, of course, just makes her fall further behind. So, instead of pressing on through the year & having her fail most classes from lack of effort, I changed things.

Term 1 starts this week. The subjects she is doing for Term 1 are:
Government (on Universal Class)
English - 6 novels test on 3/paper on 3, 1 Writing class on  Universal Class, Spelling, Vocab, Grammar, read On Writing

She has decided to drop both her Universal Class classes & start them over. She cannot start them until next week. So, she doid nothing for Writing or Government this week. For Geometry & Accounting, she is continuing from where she was.

She started chapter 6 this week in Geometry. It is still a battle to get her to do the work. She does not like Math and refuses to put in any effort when doing it. This means that we fight about Math a lot.

For Accounting, she is using a college textbook & the Accounting Lifepacs from AOP. I prefer to stay with only secular materials, so was a little leery about this course. However, I have seen nothing in it to concern me. This week, she did section 1 of book 3 and read chapter 3 in the textbook.

For ASL, we are using The Joy of Signing. This week, we did chapters 1 & 25, Family Relationships & Numbers. I put these two chapters together because she has already learned some of each and should, therefore, not need a full week spent on either.

Each day, Monday - Friday, she is to read 5 pages from On Writing, do 15 minutes of online Vocab games/practice, and 1 lesson of AAS. She also did chapter 1 in The Giggly Guide to Grammar. Her first novel this term is Pet Sematary (since she didn't actually read it the first time around). She is reading 28 pages per day from that. She will then write a paper on it & watch the movie.