Saturday, August 3, 2013

Week 12 grade 4

This has been an odd week. My niece had a baby, so we got almost no school done on Tuesday. We did try to get most of the week's planned work done, though.

Jay is taking a short break from planning his Dino Theme Park, and is now working on another project - a presentation on the job of paleontologist. His reading for Science this week has been books on that topic. We also finished watching Walking with Dinosaurs.

He is currently working in LOF Pre-Algebra 1. This week, he did a bridge & 4 chapters. In ASL we have moved on from the chapter on food. We are doing the chapter on numbers. He did chapter 29 in Latin level B. That means only 3 more weeks until he is finished with that level & can move onto level C.

He finished reading The Mysterious Edge of the Heroic World. He then read The Call of the Wild. After that, he started on White Fang. This only leaves 27 of the 42 books on his Required Reading list. I may have to add to it again.

Grammar this week consisted of Grammar Land chapter 4 & Grammar games on the computer. He has been complaining that I haven't been scheduling Grammar games for him, so I made sure to schedule them this week. Spelling was AAS5 steps 5 & 6. We did 2 Mad Libs each day, and he played vocab games daily. We discussed the use of Venn diagrams as graphic organizers for writing projects.

We are still planning the trip to Maine for Geography. This week, he worked on finding places we could stay while there. We should finish the plans next week. Then, we can choose a new place to plan a trip to. Logic was Logic games online, lesson 13 in LS3, and lesson 21 in Perplexors A. For Art, we read from Becoming van Gogh & looked at some of van Gogh's works. Music was EMT lesson 6.

We also had to get ready for the weekend & the celebration of my husband's birthday. So, in short, that was our week.