Sunday, August 11, 2013

Week 13 Grade 4

Dea wasn't feeling well a few days this week, and that somehow caused Jay to not get all of his work done. We would have been able to make it up on Friday, but we were simply too busy. He didn't even get to the Math or Reading he was scheduled to do on Friday. We had an appointment for Dea in the morning. After lunch, we stopped at my sister's house to visit & buy some stuff at her garage sale. She shares a house with friends of hers, and all were selling stuff in the sale. One of them was selling a camera, and I needed a new camera because mine suddenly died. So, I got a new camera, and the kids each found a few things. I also got to see & hold my baby niece. She is so cute & tiny!
After we left my sister's, we went to a butcher I saw while leaving the place we had lunch. I have been wanting to find a good butcher that has quality meat with decent prices. This place seems like it might work. We picked up most of our meat for the week from the butcher, so we can see what we think. After that, we still had 2 grocery stores & the pet store. By the time we finally finished our errands & had dinner, there was no time to catch up on school work.

Saturday, we had an appointment for Jay. We are working on getting him evaluated, to find out exactly what's going on with him. We finally found someone who will do it & accepts the insurance he has. They told us we had to have our regular Dr refer him & send her notes about the issues that have caused us to want an evaluation. We hadn't talked to our regular Dr about it, because we knew there was nothing she could do, so we had to set up an appointment to talk to her & have her refer Jay to this other Dr. We will see where this goes from here.