Friday, August 16, 2013

Week 14 Grade 4

Jay asks to start school with his dinosaur documentary from Netflix. He still has 2 episodes left to watch, and I want it finished this week. He spends the rest of the morning watching that. After lunch, he does Vocab games on the computer. Latin is next. He is in chapter 30 in Latin. This chapter & chapter 31 are review chapters. Then, he will be done with the book & ready to start Primer C. Yay! We manage to fit in AAS5 step 8, ASL, Geography, Logic, a Bridge in LOF, a Grammar lesson on Adjectives, Mad Libs, and a Writing exercise with both kids, on using a cluster map to organize your thoughts, all with an hour to spare before dinner. We also read our picture book for literary elements: Me and My Cat? Jay is making dinner tonight. He has chosen breakfast food. So, we make bacon, sausage links, waffles, and scrambled eggs. Dea had to come in to help after I burned my finger when the waffle maker handle broke off. After dinner, Jay finished watching his Dinosaur documentary, read for Science, and read more of White Fang. Starting today, we are doing one analogy from Advancing Through Analogies each day. Since he is still new to analogies, he finds it overwhelming to sit down to a page of 15 of them. I thought that doing one a day would be better. Once he is more confident with them, I will bump it to two.
Tuesday is kind of a grumpy day. I have a headache. The kids are fairly grumpy. Schoolwork gets done, but it is slow going. Jay does get all of his work done. We watch an hour & a half long show on Dinosaurs. He does a worksheet on Adjectives, a chapter in Math, a page in Latin, and practices his numbers in ASL. He reads from his book for Science & colors a picture of a dinosaur. We do Mad Libs & an analogy. He reads from White Fang & reads for Art. We end the day with Boggle & Poetry Tea.
Wednesday I awake with a headache, again. I stay in bed as long as I can, with a blanket over my face, trying to will the headache into submission. It doesn't work. Jay still manages to get all his schoolwork done for the day. I'm pretty sure his favorite part was making a bar graph of the populations of the colonies in 1630. We also manage to do some gardening today, which consists of cutting back some large weeds (I'll ask my wonderful hubby to rip them out later) & trying to identify some of the various unplanned plants growing in the yard. We have Spearmint, what appears to be English Plantain, and several we cannot figure out.
Thursday & Friday are busy. He gets all his school done. He finishes White Fang and starts Tentacles. He plans a colony - where it should colonize, how many people to start it, how many ships to bring them over, what their chief export should be, what occupations will be needed, and designs a flag. Next week we plan to finish up colonial times & should be on witch trials by the following week.