Friday, August 16, 2013

Week 3 HS Term 1

If the way the week starts is an indication of how the whole week will be, we are in for a crappy week. Monday morning starts with the kids arguing. When Dea finally gets around to doing some school, she starts by retaking her Geometry test from last week, because she lost it. Then, we spend the rest of the morning fighting with the computer. We are having some syncing issues with Chrome. After lunch she works on her ASL & then does Accounting.. She does lesson 1 of chapter 7 in Geometry. UC still has not reset her Writing & Government classes, so she can't do those. I do a lesson with both kids on using cluster maps to organize thoughts for writing. I have been doing these with them together because they are new to Jay & good review for Dea. They were each given a map to fill out, with topic of their choice, to be shown to me on Wednesday. She was done with today's school work by 3pm. She was hoping to help her aunt pack to move, but her aunt is busy & will not be packing today.
Dea has an attitude on Tuesday. She is slamming things around, sighing constantly, and talking with a snotty tone. I tell her she can either calm down & do her work or she can go to her room and spend the weekend making up the work she doesn't get done. This weekend is the county fair & she has plans to be there to help at the booth for the animal sanctuary she volunteers at with her dad. Even though the attitude doesn't start until the afternoon, she doesn't get much school done even before that. She is really dragging today, making everything take 5x as long as it actually needs & taking ridiculously long breaks for no reason whatsoever. She spent at least 30 minutes allegedly searching her room for a pencil the cat supposedly stole from her. The pencil was sitting on my bed the whole time, because that is where Dea left it. She does Grammar & eventually finishes a Geometry lesson. She also finally does Accounting. We get Spelling done. She joins Jay & me for a game of Boggle & Poetry Tea.
Wednesday, Dea does some of her schoolwork while I am in bed attempting to rid myself of a headache. She, again, takes many breaks, several of them longer than I believe is necessary. She helps me out in the yard as we fight the many weeds that have taken over the front planting areas.
By the end of the week, she is only one lesson behind in Geometry & caught up in all other subjects. I think I will have to enforce some rules regarding how long she must work before a break or start & end times for subjects. She is spending far too much time on break & not focusing on school enough.