Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Halloween Month day 30

Halloween Fun:
Today, I thought I'd share some pics from some fun things we've done in the past for Halloween.
Halloween Bingo:

Pumpkin Bowling:
Sometimes, we paint the bottles with glow in the dark paint & bowl at night.

Target Practice:
It's always fun to practice knife throwing

Pumpkin Massacre:
We just can't resist destroying the pumpkins when we're all done.

Glowing Punch:
 Just added some glow sticks & a few flashing skulls

Demon Eyes:

Haunted House:
Similar to a gingerbread house, except for Halloween & made from sugar cookie dough


Scare the Neighbors (and passing cars):

Halloween Reads:
Some more for the little ones:

Today's Movie:

Halloween Video: