Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Still Here, Still Homeschooling

I haven't really posted much lately about our homeschooling. We are still working away. Jay is finishing up his study of Dinosaurs today. He finished LOF Pre-Algebra 1 w/Biology and is now working in LOF Pre-Algebra 2 w/Economics. For History, we've been studying the Salem Witch Trials. Dea has been continuing to work, as well. Really, we just haven't had much of interest happen here lately, so I haven't posted.

I've been working on turning our 3-season porch, which has been our Arts & Crafts room, into my office. I want a room where I can lock myself in, away from everyone, and have time to work, plan, read, write, think, meditate, journal, whatever. It will be a place just for me. I haven't actually had that for more than a decade & a half. I miss having a space that is mine. So, I've been painting. Once I'm done painting, we are ripping up the carpet, & I'll do the floor. Then, I just have to move my stuff in. It should only be a few more weeks until it is done.