Sunday, November 17, 2013

14 Days of Thanksgiving - day 3

Thanksgiving Games
Thanksgiving Nutrition Printables - scroll down the page to get to them

 Nickommoh! : A Thanksgiving Celebration
The Narrangansett gather for a harvest celebration. Shows what Native American harvest celebrations were like long before the Pilgrims landed. Has words scattered throughout in the Narrangansett language & a glossary. Also has an Author's Note that gives a little information on the Narrangansett.

Possible Activities:
Acrostic poem (HARVEST)
Learn about your local Native American tribes
Learn some of the Narrangansett language
Learn about Native American life before the Europeans landed
Research harvest celebrations world wide

Turkey Bowl
Ethan's family plays the Turkey Bowl every year on Thanksgiving. Ethan has always been too young to play, and has had to sit on the sidelines & just watch. This year, he's nine & finally old enough to play in the game, but the snow has closed the roads. His family might not be able to make it for Thanksgiving. Will he miss his first chance to play in the Turkey Bowl?

Possible Activities:
Research the history of football
Acrostic poem (BLIZZARD or FOOTBALL)
Bowl for turkeys - Fill plastic bottles halfway with sand or water, decorate them with paper feathers, paper beaks, and googly eyes. Set them up like bowling pins. Using a softball or pumpkin, bowl down the turkeys.

 Son in Law A comedy from the early 90s starring Pauly Shore & Carla Gugino. It's not necessarily something you want young children watching, but may be enjoyed by teens & adults. I know a lot of people don't like Pauly Shore, but this is one of his movies that I legitimately enjoy (though I suppose that could be partly nostalgia, because I was about 13 or 14 the first time I saw it). Gugino plays sweet, innocent country girl Rebecca Warner. When she goes away to college, she meets Crawl (Shore), who is, shall we say unconventional. He helps her to loosen up & enjoy life. She brings him home for Thanksgiving, and her family reacts the way you'd expect them to when meeting Pauly Shore.

For today's video here are some more DIY decor ideas:

Looking for something new to do to that all-important centerpiece of the meal, the turkey? Check out today's recipes:
Smoked Turkey
Fried Turkey
Butterflied Turkey with Apple-Cranberry Glaze
Deep Fried Turkey
Grilled Turkey
Apricot Glazed Turkey
Tangerine Glazed Turkey
BBQ Turkey
Cranberry Honey Turkey - this is a post of mine from our Thanksgiving a few years ago. There's more in it than just the turkey, but it was a really, really good turkey, so I wanted to share it again