Sunday, November 24, 2013

2014 Challenges

For the past few years, I have done reading challenges with the kids, trying to encourage them to read a variety of works. I decided just to do reading challenges for me next year. If the kids want to join me they can, but these are for me. I didn't bother to search online & find ones that others are doing to join. I just came up with my own. Here they are:
I will read 20 books from my home library (I have a tendency to borrow from the library more often than reading from my own collection, despite always adding to my own collection) 
I will read a book from each year I've been alive
I have created a Book BINGO board with 25 different kinds of books on it, the goal will be to get not just one BINGO, but at least 3 (though, I will likely aim for blackout)

I will also be doing a few other challenges in 2014.

Movie Challenge: I will watch 52 movies I have never before seen

Health Challenges:
I will walk 1400 miles
I will try 25 new foods or recipes

Games Challenges: (these will include the kids & my husband)
Play 3120 minutes of family game time 
Play 40 different games (the kids & my husband tend to get into ruts & keep playing the same games over & over, so I want to make sure we have variety)

Once I have ironed out all the wrinkles, I will add a page for the challenges, so I have somewhere to track my progress.