Wednesday, December 11, 2013

12 Days of Christmas - Day 4

Today, I have 12 more Christmas movies for the whole family.

A Christmas Story
Is there anyone who hasn't seen this holiday classic? Ralphie tries to convince his parents, teachers, and Santa that he should get a Red Ryder B.B. gun for Christmas. Actually, the answer is yes, there is someone who has never seen it. My husband hates this movie, so I haven't watched it since we got together. That means that the last time my daughter saw it she was too young to remember it, and my son has never seen it. I plan to remedy that this year, though.

The Best Christmas Pageant Ever
A woman gets put in charge of the church Christmas pageant when the woman who usually does it breaks her leg. Nobody wants this job & it just gets worse when the Herdman children decide to come to Sunday School & then decide to be in the pageant, all six of them. The Herdman children are known for fighting stealing, bullying, smoking, and running wild while their mother works two jobs to try to support them. All the other kids are frightened of them & are too scared to ask for any of the roles the Herdman children want. So, all the main roles go to the Herdman children, much to everyone's chagrin. The woman running the pageant, Grace, is determined that this will be the best Christmas pageant ever, despite starring the Herdmans.

The Bishop's Wife
Description from IMDB:
A bishop trying to get a new cathedral built prays for guidance. An angel (Cary Grant) arrives, but his guidance isn't about fundraising.

There are multiple versions of this movie, but the 1947 version starring Maureen O'Hara & Natalie Wood is by far my favorite.
A kindly old gentleman, who plays Santa in Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade & in the Macy's store, claims that he is the real Santa Clause. He is institutionalized for being insane. A young lawyer defends him in court by arguing that he really is Santa Clause.

Description from IMDB:
In a castle high on top of a hill lives an inventor's greatest creation - Edward, a near-complete person. The creator died before he could finish Edward's hands; instead, Edward is left with metal scissors for hands. Since then, Edward has lived alone, until a kind lady called Peg discovers Edward and welcomes him into her home. At first, everyone welcomes Edward into the community, but soon things begin to take a change for the worse.

Description from IMDB:
When Andy and Elizabeth buy a farm in Vermont, they can't imagine the trouble that awaits them. Andy has quit his job as a sports journalist and is planning to use the peace and quiet of the country to write the Great American Novel. From the moment the movers' truck gets lost with their furniture, though, there's little peace and less quiet. From a manical mailman to a dead body buried in the garden, Andy is distracted by the town and its wacky inhabitants. His effort at a novel is mediocre, at best, and he's threatened by Elizabeth's foray into writing when she attempts a children's book. Can the Farmers survive the townsfolk and each other?

This is another that would work for both Halloween & Christmas. Gizmo, the adorable Mogwai, has three very important rules his owner has to follow - 1) Don't feed him after midnight, 2) Don't get him wet, 3) No bright light. When his new owner doesn't follow the rules, havoc ensues and the entire town is at risk.

Michael Keaton plays a dad who dies in a car accident. A year later, he returns as a snowman for one final chance to make things right with his son.

The heartwarming story of a family, without the father, living & growing up during the American Civil War.

I'll admit that this is probably my 2nd favorite version of this story. It's a great version for kids of all ages.

This is my favorite version of this story. This one is fantastically cast. I just adore Patrick Stewart as Scrooge.

Yes, another version of A Christmas Carol. This is an animated version starring Jim Carrey, Gary Oldman, and Colin Firth.