Friday, December 6, 2013

Busy, Busy Day

Today, our library was having a book sale. Only 25 cents per book. We spent almost $9. The kids each got to pick some out, including a few that Dea is planning on giving as Christmas gifts. I got Number the Stars and a book about Helen Keller for the kids' bookshelf (the shelf is mostly for when other people bring their kids over). For me, I got Siddhartha, The Brothers Karamazov, Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood, Fried Green Tomatoes, The Thornhill Secret, The God of War, The Complete Book of Vampires, and West African Folktales. It was kind of funny because I was just thinking about reading Siddhartha & The Brothers Karamazov the other day, and thinking of picking up some more books of folktales.

We also got a new pair of boots for Dea. They were originally $40. We got them for $12 because they were on clearance. The lanyard Jay picked out to buy for Dea as her Christmas gift from him was on clearance for only $3. It wasn't like everything we got was marked down or on clearance, but it was still really nice to find the deals that we found. The boots were an especially nice deal, since she really needed new shoes & I wasn't looking forward to the idea of spending $30+ on a pair that she will outgrow before next summer.

I gave Dea $20 to spend to buy whatever she wanted to donate to a cause of her choice. She chose the local homeless shelter for pregnant & parenting teens. Dea & I lived there for a little while when she was very little, so she wants to give something back. She chose to buy basic baby needs and managed to get - lotion, shampoo, baby oil, baby bath, cotton swabs, baby powder, diaper rash ointment, nasal aspirator, and a 4 piece set of medicine dispensers (spoon, syringe, etc.). In a week or two, Jay will get $20 to buy stuff to donate to a cause of his choice. He's planning on buying food for the food pantry. I'm so proud of my kids.