Monday, December 30, 2013

It Better be Worth It

Have you ever wished you could go back & change a decision? Nothing big. No giant regrets. Just a minor, seemingly inconsequential decision. Not long before Christmas, I made the decision to buy Pandemic as one of our family gifts. We love adding new games to our collection & try to add to it a few times a year. I chose to buy Pandemic for Christmas and put off buying Betrayal at House on the Hill until after Christmas.

Now, I am not unhappy with Pandemic, far from it. In fact, we love playing it. I simply wish that I had waited until after Christmas to buy it & purchased Betrayal at House on the Hill before Christmas.

You see, I could actually find Betrayal at House on the Hill before Christmas. Now however, it is out of stock everywhere. Everywhere online says it is out of stock. Every store in town says they don't have it. The Barnes & Noble website said that the store in our local mall had it in stock. So, we went to the mall.

Let me digress a moment here. I hate the mall, with a passion. People in the mall cannot walk at normal human speed. I don't know if it is a fault they always have or if entering the mall just makes them lose the ability to walk like people. At any rate, they walk at the speed of a turtle who had a leg cut off. In addition to their unbelievably slow pace, they feel the need to walk 5 abreast, so nobody can get past them. Then, there are the pungent smells pouring from almost every store, assaulting my (rather sensitive) nose. Walking past the food court is almost enough to make me ill, due to the odor of greasy, disgusting food. The mall is loud, crowded, overly hot. Too many parents don't bother to pay attention to their children, children who are running all over screaming, shrieking, running into people, and playing on the escalators & stairs. That's not even counting the horribly high prices in all mall stores, due to the high rent they have to pay.
When our city's only Barnes & Noble (it is so pathetic that we have only 1 Barnes & Noble) moved into the mall, I was not happy. Allegedly, the move was to provide them with more room, but there is no way that the store in the mall has more room than the previous one did. The kids' area, which is mostly full of toys, is larger. The cafe area is quite large. There are more games, puzzles, and toys now then there were before. However, this has come at the price of space for freaking books. It's more like a Toys'R'Us than a book store. There are fewer comfy chairs to sit in while perusing books, and they are awkwardly placed. Who the hell wants to sit facing the cashiers & door with the cafe directly at their back while perusing a book? The wonderful smell of books (you know, the smell a book store should have) can barely be sensed under the stench of bitter coffee & cheap, overly sweetened pastries. The selection has decreased, as has the quality of customer service.  

Anyway, back to the issue at hand. We went to the dreaded mall to visit Barnes & Noble, because their site said the game was in stock there. We looked at all the games & did not find it. We finally found an employee asked her to see if they had it. She told us to go to the Customer Service desk & ask there. If there had been someone at the customer service desk, I wouldn't have needed to go to the cashier to ask. We went to the CS desk, where an employee finally asked what we needed. When I told her what we were looking for & that I had not been able to find it, she walked over to the shelves with games & looked for it. Since my husband, both kids, and myself had already done this (and we all remember the name, which she kept having to ask me to repeat), it was rather pointless. Eventually, she went to look it up, only to tell me that they do not have it in stock, do not have it in the warehouse to order, and do not have it in the marketplace. In other words, completely wasted trip.

There is a comic shop not too far away (though technically in another town), that may have the game. I have sent an email inquiring about it & hope to hear back tomorrow. I have also put in a request to at least one online shop to be informed when the game is in stock again.

After all the trouble I'm having finding this game so I can buy it, it had better be one of the best games we've ever played. That is, of course, assuming we ever actually get to buy it.