Monday, January 6, 2014

Bye-Bye Marine Biology

Over the weekend, Jay told me he wants to drop Marine Biology. He just isn't enjoying it as much as he thought he would. I really think that much of his problem is just that he is looking forward to next year's Science, so not really paying attention to this year's anymore. He can hardly wait to start Chemistry & Forensics. I think that he thinks he will get to start those early if he stops Marine Biology early. I told him that wouldn't happen, but he still wanted to drop Marine biology. Ok, that's fine. He wanted to study it. He chose it as Science for part of the year because he needed something in addition to Dinosaurs. If he no longer wants to study it, I'm fine with that. So, we're dropping it. He can use that time to do more for his study of Herbs or dedicate the time to his History studies.