Sunday, March 30, 2014

Project: Wedding Gift #1

Next weekend, my husband is going to a wedding for his cousin. We had no freaking idea what to get them as a gift, since we did not get any registry info & don't ever really communicate with them. I'm pretty sure I've never met the cousin or her soon-to-be-husband. So, we were wandering around Bed, Bath, & Beyond a few weeks ago, trying to find something that would be a great wedding present (always fun when you have no idea what they have, need, want, or like). Then, I had a thought. I walked out of the store, past the pet store next door, and right into Michael's. I went to the glass etching aisle, picked up a few stencils and wandered toward the frames. My poor kids & hubby were following me with no clue what I was doing. I found a big picture frame, picked it up and explained my thought. Etch their names & wedding date on a big pretty frame so they'd have a really nice place for their wedding picture. We're also planning to do the same for my brother's wedding which is coming up next month.

Since next weekend is the wedding, I decided I should get this frame done already. So, here it is:

This is the 'before' pic. No etching, just pretty frame.

This is the 'after':