Wednesday, March 26, 2014

School materials are here

So, our new school materials are here. I've been working on getting things figured out for Jay's Chemistry & Forensics, now that I have the materials in front of me (well, except the library & Netflix materials).

Here are all the materials (except lab materials/equipment) that we had to buy. This is for the rest of her high school, not just the current term.

This is obviously not everything she'll be using, just everything that we still needed to buy.

This is what I got for Jay for 5th grade.

Again, that's not everything. That doesn't include the lab materials/equipment, stuff we already owned, or the many library & Netflix resources we'll use.

I also picked up a few more games:

I will post soon with info about Jay's upcoming 5th grade year (it starts in just a few weeks!).