Monday, April 21, 2014

5th Grade Has Begun

We started 5th grade last week. We waited to start Science & History until this week, because we didn't get to the library the week before, so didn't get the books we needed. So, Jay's school days were a little shorter last week than they will be this week.

He is continuing Latin for Children Primer C. He has less than 10 lessons left until it's finished. Once he finishes it, he will start doing Rosetta Stone Latin. He is also continuing to use The Joy of Signing. He also didn't finish his Math book last year, so he is continuing with that. He is more than halfway through Life of Fred Beginning Algebra, and as soon as he is done with it, he will move onto LOF Advanced Algebra.

Everything else started out new with the new school year. He started Spanish with Rosetta Stone. He started level 6 of All About Spelling. He start Caught 'Ya! Grammar With a Giggle. He started Write With the Best vol. 1. He started Vocabulary Cartoons, and he started his new Logic workbooks.

This week, he started Science & History. For Science, he is doing both Chemistry & Forensics. This week, we are starting off with a fun chemistry fiction book, The Summer I Shrank my Grandmother, a nonfiction book from the library, Crazy Chemistry: A Weird History of Science, the elementary school level Chemistry games at Chemicroc, and the multimedia materials at ACS. I had thought about incorporating ACS into his Science for the year more thoroughly, but changed my mind. We'll already be using both The Elements: Ingredients of the Universe and Carbon Chemistry from Ellen McHenry, which both have a fair amount of activities. Plus, I have several additional experiments, demonstrations, and activities planned. The lessons in ACS each included an activity to do related to the lessons concept. Trying to fully incorporate that activity-heavy program with the 2 activity-heavy programs we're using, plus the additional activities I have planned, would just be too many activities to try to fit into a study that is only planned to take about 2/3 of the school year. So, we'll use the multimedia materials only. The basic plan for Science is 3 weeks of Chemistry then 2 weeks of Forensics.

In History, we are picking up where we let off last year, right after the Civil War. This week, we start with reading about the 13th amendment, & the 15th amendment will follow as soon as we finish (so either this week or next).

He's loving his new school year. He is so excited about the new materials & is actually enjoying Grammar, so far. Science is what he was looking forward to most, and was the first thing he asked me about doing today. I love how excited he gets about school!