Thursday, July 31, 2014

When I Say Life Happened, I Mean My Cat Distracted Me

I'm sitting in my bedroom working on planning school. Dea's term ends today. I'm giving her ht emonth of August off school, and then she starts her next term on September 1. So, I'm using this month to finish planning the coming term (because things keep changing or I would have had it fully planned months ago). I'm in the middle of figuring out her Chemistry (because she has decided not to do Thinkwell Chem & instead wants me to find a free online Chem course). I think I've found the course that will be the spine, and I've found some sites with virtual labs we can add in, if the course I finally settle on for the spine doesn't have any/enough. I was finalizing the list of real life labs that we can do with the chemicals & lab equipment we have when the cat came into the room.

Nightmare has been ignoring me all day. He has not wanted to hang out with me, have me pet him, hasn't even looked at me today. However, as I sit here in the bedroom, working on something fairly important, he has decided that now is the time to visit with me. He jumped up on the bed & walked over to me. I was busy, so did not immediately start to pet him. So, he sat next to me, head-butting my arm. I finally reached over to pet him for a second & he started walking all over the place (because they cannot sit still while you pet them). Next, he started flopping himself down on the bed, rubbing against me, sitting on my pillows, and kicking me if I stopped petting him. So, of course I completely ignored my work & sat here petting the cat. He purred, rolled around on his back, hugged my arm, and various other displays of kitty affection. Then, he decided he had enough, got up, and walked to the other side of the bed where he plopped down & proceeded to bathe himself. I, on the other hand, spent 10 minutes trying to remember what I was doing when he interrupted me. I'm fairly certain that, many of the times I don't finish something when I wanted to & say "Well, life happened, that why I fell behind," it was really just that I got distracted by one of the cats being cute & lovey, and totally forgot that I had been working before they told me it was playtime.