Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Chemistry (5th Grade)

Whil we are not done with the current school year, we are done with the work for a few subjects, such as Science. This year for Science, he chose to study both Chemistry & Forensics. This is what he did for Chemistry.

Week 1:
Crazy Chemistry
The Summer I Shrank My Grandmother
ACS Multimedia materials
Chemicroc games

Week 2:
The Elements Chap 1 with activities
Hunting the Elements (DVD)
The Cartoon Guide to Chemistry

Week 3:
The Elements Chap 2 with activities
The Cartoon Guide to Chemistry
Periodic Table
Periodic Table
Periodic Table

Week 4:
The Elements Chap 3 with activities
Forgotten Genius (dvd)

Week 5:
The Elements Chap 4 with activities

Week 6:
The Elements Chap 5 with activities
Chemistry Decade by Decade

Week 7:
activities for review & that we hadn't had time for in previous weeks

Week 8:
The Elements Chap 6 with activities

Week 9:
The Elements Chap 7 with activities
Chemical Reactions (episode of Bill Nye)

Week 10:
The Elements Chap 8

Week 11:
The Elements Chap 8

Week 12:
Carbon Chemistry Chap 1

Week 13:
Carbon Chemistry Chap 2

Week 14:
Carbon Chemistry  Chap 3

Week 15:
Carbon Chemistry Chap 4

Week 16:
Carbon Chemistry Chap 5

Week 17:
Carbon Chemistry Chap 6
Organic & Biological Chemistry

Week 18:
Carbon Chemistry Chap 7
Organic & Biological Chemistry

Week 19:
Carbon Chemistry Chap 8
Organic & Biological Chemistry

Week 20:
Carbon Chemistry Chap 9

Week 21:
Carbon Chemistry Chap 10

Week 22:
Carbon Chemistry Chap 11

The rest of these sites were used throughout the study, whenever he felt like it, had time, or the content correlated to what he was studying that week.