Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Forensics (5th Grade)

While we aren't done with this school year, we have finished the work for a few of the subjects, such as Science. This year for Science, he chose to study both Chemistry & Forensics. This is what he did for Forensics.

Week 1:
Forensic Science - Who's Who & Chapter 1 (This book is one of our spines for Jay's study of Forensics & so will be used often. I will abbreviate it as FS in future weeks)
The Case of the Digital Deception
Cool Crime Scene Basics
Cool Eyewitness Encounters
Cool Written Records
Cool Forensic Tools
The Circle of Blood

Week 2:
FS - Chapter 2
Fingerprints: Dead People Do Tell Tales
The Case of the Plagued Play
Fingerprint Kit
Fingerprint Activities from Detectolab Kit

Dea joined in on the fingerprinting activities. They had a blast with it. They learned how to use an ink pad to take a person's fingerprints & how to collect fingerprints from surfaces. We did eventually get all the fingerprinting powder washed off everything. I didn't get pictures of this largely because my fingers were covered in ink & fingerprinting powder.

Week 3:
FS - Chapter 3
The Circle of Blood
Blood Brother

Week 4:
FS - Chapter 4
The DNA Gave it Away
The Case of the Missing Moola

Week 5:
FS - Chap 5
Autopsies: Pathologists at Work
Corpses and Skeletons
The Case of the Mystery Meatloaf

Week 6:
FS - Chapter 6
Gut-Eating Bugs
The Dying Breath
Detectolab Kit

Week 7:
FS - Chapter 7
Crime Under the Microscope
Solving Crimes with Trace Evidence
Guilty by a Hair
Bad Hair Day
Detectolab Kit

Week 8:
FS - Chapter 8
Detective Work with Ballistics
Bullet Proof
Lost Bullet

Week 9:
FS - Chapter 9
The Case of the Disappearing Dogs
Bill Nye season 5 episode 1

Week 10:
FS - Chapter 10
Cybercrime: Data Trails DO Tell Tales
Do You Read Me?
Roll Call

Week 11:
FS - Chapter 11
Solving Crimes Through Criminal Profiling
The Angel of Death

Week 12:
Forensic Anthropology
Famous Forensic Cases
The Bone Detectives
The Case of the Ruined Ram

Week 13:
Police Lab
Science Beats Crime
Frontline: The Real CSI DVD

Week 14:
Careers in Forensics
Careers as a Medical Examiner
Forensic Science Investigator

Week 15:
Crime Scene Investigators
Killer Wallpaper
Can Science Stop Crime? DVD

Week 16:
Scene of the Crime: A Forensic Mystery Where You Crack the Case
Detectolab Kit

The rest of these sites were used throughout the study whenever he wanted to, had time, or the content correlated to what he was studying that week.