Saturday, February 21, 2015

Not to be a Naysayer, but.....

I was reading a blog post about homeschooling today. I won't link to it, because the post isn't the inspiration for this post. The comments were. Actually just one of the comments. In the comments, one person had commented that "You are qualified to teach your kids.You taught them how to talk. you taught them how to walk."

I hate when people use those as their go-to for telling people they are qualified to teach their kids. You did not teach your child to talk. Your child would have learned to talk whether or not you intentionally worked with them on it. The only way they would not have learned to talk is if nobody ever talked to or around them. Children learn to talk by being around talking. The same goes for walking. You don't have to teach your child to walk. They will do it on their own. They see you walking, and they will mimic you. They will figure out how to walk with or without your help.

Honestly, I don't believe that everybody is capable of or qualified to homeschool. I know most homeschoolers will say that homeschooling is always best. Everyone can homeschool. All parents are qualified to homeschool their children. I don't agree with this.

I have met plenty of people who are crappy parents. I have met people who have left their young children home alone so they could go out to the bar or to score drugs. I have met people who beat their children. I have known parents who drank & smoked pot with their kids, as young as jr high school. They should not homeschool their kids. The fact that their children learned to walk & talk should not be used to convince them that they should take something as important as the education of their children into their own hands.

I even know some homeschoolers whose children spend the whole day playing video games under the name of being unschoolers. While I don't fully disagree with the concept of unschooling, I really hate when people claim to be unschoolers when really they just don't want to have to put any effort into their children's education. I've known unschoolers whose kids were actually doing something with their time, who really were learning (though, not necessarily the traditional subjects). So, it's not something against unschooling or all unschoolers.

What I'm saying is that I've known far too many bad parents (neglectful, abusive, lazy, etc.), to have the oh so optimistic attitude that "anybody can homeschool." I also refuse to accept that the fact that someone's children managed to learn to walk & talk (which they would be able to do without any help from their parents) is proof that the parents are responsible enough & qualified to completely prepare their children for college or life after school.

Now, I know some will think, "They could hire tutors or sign their kids up for online classes." However, if they are willing to leave their kids home alone while they go drinking and finding drugs, smoke pot and drink with their 12 year olds, or beat their children, how much effort do you really think they will put into finding appropriate educational materials for those same kids.

I'm not saying we shouldn't encourage other homeschoolers. I'm simply saying that maybe we should use legitimate claims when encouraging each other.