Dea's High School

We have decided to take what was left of Dea's high school courses & split them into 6 month long terms.

Term 1 started July 29, 2013 - Ended January 31, 2014

Accounting: finished B (85%)
College Accounting textbook
LIFEPAC Accounting worktext 1-10

Geometry: finished B (80.1%)
Geometry Seeing, Doing, Understanding
various online resources including Khan Academy

ASL: finished A (96.75)
Joy of Signing

English: finished B (84.3%)
Spelling - AAS (for review) - finished
Vocab - finished
Grammar - The Giggly Guide to Grammar
Writing - 1 class on Universal Class - Creative Writing - finished; also read On Writing
Literature - read 6 novels, for each one will either take a test or write a paper on the novel:
Pet Sematary - finished
Life of Pi - finished
Lord of the Flies - finished
The Good Earth - finished
To Kill a Mockingbird - finished
The Count of Monte Cristo - finished

Term 2 Started February 3, 2014


Computer Programming:
TeenCoder Windows
TeenCoder Games

The Joy of Signing
documentaries on Deaf culture (from Netflix) and additional books (from the library)

Feb: Pride & Prejudice finished
March: The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian finished
April: The Last of the Mohicans finished
May: Black Elk Speaks finished
June: Time machine finished
July: Dracula finished
The Giggly Guide to Grammar chapters 8 - 18
Chortling Bard: Caught Ya! Grammar with a Giggle
read: The Forest for the Trees
Power in Your Hands
Write with the Best vol.2
Vocabulary Cartoons
Vocabulary Cartoons II

Native American Study:
150 - 180 hours of study using various resources (books, internet, documentaries, etc.)
Required materials include a list of 17 general NF books, 3 books on Mythology, 12 fiction books written by NA authors, 12 documentaries & movies (may list exact resources later)

Tudor England:
150 - 180 hours of study using various resources (books, internet, documentaries, etc.)
Required materials include a list of 21 NF books, 13 fiction books, and 8 documentaries & movies (may list exact resources later)

Term 3
September 1, 2014 - February 27, 2015
Days off: Fridays, November 24 - 28 (Thanksgiving), December 22 - January 3 (Christmas)

ntro to Psych:
Text - Psychology and Your Life
various supplemental resources

Free online course

Chemistry 101 at Universal Class
supplemented with virtual labssimulations,demonstrations, real life labs, and various online resources

Rosetta Stone

Approx 5 weeks spent on each of the following
Greek & Roman
for each she will have one major writing assignment. She gets to choose between two assignment options
A) Choose a God/Goddess to write a paper about, the paper must be at least 1 page in length
B) Choose a myth to rewrite & update to modern times

Grammar - The Chortling Bard: Caught'Ya Grammar With a Giggle for High School
Vocab - Vocabulary Cartoons
Writing: Write with the Best vol 2, one research paper topic to be decided
 Jurassic Park
Anna Karenina
The Crucible
Uncle Tom's Cabin
Three Sisters
Don Quixote